Elynn Diamond


"Freeing Your Voice Means Opening Your Heart™" Singing Performance Classes are based on

my belief that one's breath and feelings - which are the embodiment of who we are -

are more important than any notes. It's through our breath that we feel our life force and

through our feelings that we sing. By exploring our feelings and knowing how to express them through song, we can conquer the fear that has kept us from "showing up", "going to the next level", and being noticed - and this applies to performers at all levels - beginners and Broadway stars.

Taking the risk to truly express your soul results in passionate singing, successful auditions and memorable performances.

In a supportive and intimate environment, I work with professionals and non-professionals to develop their talent and to deepen their understanding of both their private and performing "self". Students work at their own level, following their individual and unique paths to artistry and self-expression.

My teaching is built on my conviction that personal "connectedness" is essential to true art -

that a performer creates a certain "magic" by bringing his or her authentic experience to the written word, song, or dance. Most importantly, though, I place tremendous emphasis on the development of technique - I believe that one's emotional truth alone does not constitute artistry. True artistry combines honest, passionate expression with a solid foundation of style and craft. As I frequently remind students, "your breath is more important than any note. Without relaxed, full breathing, there is no passion - no true expression whatsoever." Therefore, much of the ongoing process work involves releasing physical and emotional blocks, and developing proper breathing - the foundation for correct singing.

This is a class which one can explore and work through any fears or limitations that one has -

fear of not being good enough; habitual "mannerisms" or inhibitions that keeps you predictable; negative beliefs about yourself or the business; music technique problems; or a dozen other reasons for holding back. You will bring all your talent - as well as your fears and feelings -

and work through them instead of working on top of them.

If you love to sing, you no longer need to be held back - for any reason.

Classes are structured so that everyone gets individual personal attention. That is what will

make these classes unique from the beginning warm-ups through the entire song study.

Each person will work at his or her own pace, with love and support. Work sessions focus

on technique, performance choices or emotional issues, depending on the needs of the student.

All inquiries are welcome. Please feel free to call 646-660-0507 anytime with questions you might have regarding schedule, price, or availability of space in a particular class.

Interviews are by appointment and space is limited.

Everyone has the right to sing with passion! The song within you starts with your breath.

Here's to our working together "from the inside out".

BLISS be yours,
                                   Elynn Diamond 


(...also offering World-Wide Workshops! Call Elynn Diamond directly regarding Bookings and Rates-)

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